Saturday, December 22, 2007

Real Estate and Christmas-time

Funny how you'd think that the end-of-year holiday season would settle home buyers down a bit. Not really. Right before I am scheduled to leave, I get a rush of activity from clients. Some are suddenly re-interested, others are are making more of an effort to see properties. I think that the holiday has two effects on people buying or selling; 1. They have a vacation and the last thing they want to do is be poked and prodded to buy property. Or, 2, they have a vacation and they finally have the time to be poked and prodded to purchase property.
It's comical.
I guess the Ithaca real estate market is like that. We don't conform to other "market norms". Just look at the article written in the NY Times last month regarding Ithaca's standing as having the lowest sub-prime mortgage foreclosure rate in the country.

I have attached a link to a great resource for you as you consider
whether/how/when, etc. to remodel your home.

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